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Real-time interactions

Live shopping is a great opportunity to build relationships and evolve customers into brand fans. Real-time interactions are one of the foundations of building brand loyalty. Get to know your customers opinions and react to them by adjusting the course of the event to their expectations. Answer and ask questions. Thanks to the moderation functionalities, the course of the broadcast will always be under your control.


One click is all it takes

The event takes place directly on your store’s website, so customers don’t need to install any app. They can navigate the website, view products, add them to the cart or buy them, without having to stop participating in the online event. Their attention will not miss the course of the event, as they will be accompanied by a continuous preview of the broadcast in the form of a mini player.

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Administration panel

When planning an event, you have an intuitive panel at your disposal, in which you can set the date, title and add products. You will also get a link to promote your live transmission and drive traffic to a page that includes a countdown timer and the ability to add the event to the calendar. Thanks to this, your customers will receive a notification and will not miss the event. Customers can share the link to the event on social media.

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Analyze the results

We provide you with a panel containing transparent statistics for live events and a summary of historical data. Thanks to it, you will analyze customer engagement and draw conclusions that will help increase sales effectiveness during next events.


Special offers for live attendees only

The essence of live shopping is shopping opportunities that attract customers. With Vidvi, you have the opportunity to make promotional coupons and special offers available only to live attendees. Increase the group of participants thanks to unique promotions!

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Dedicated application allows you to broadcast directly from your mobile device. You can also use your computer and even use external streaming software on your computer or mobile device. Preparation of a professional sales relationship does not require the involvement of studio equipment. Just start recording and sell without limits!

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