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Two levels of access

A special link will grant access that allows only to use the moderation panel for the event without changing to configuration functionalities.


Event configuration

  • the name of the event – remember the title that stands out

  • description – encourage viewers to participate and inform them about the special promotions

  • host – the event can be hosted by you or anyone you choose to work with, a special link allows you to broadcast from any device anywhere in the world

  • event time – you will achieve the highest efficiency by running live shopping at fixed times

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Adding products

Selling the assortment that you will present during the event is quick and intuitive. You can do it in three ways:

  • Straight from your own store thanks to available integrations. Enter the name of the product, we will collect the rest of the product data for you.

  • Just copy and paste your URL address of the product which you want to add. We will automatically download product parameters such as photo, title, description and price. You can always edit added products.

  • Add more products at once thanks to a special file.

We will automatically download product parameters such as photo, title, description, price. You can always edit added products.

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Let's get started!

After the configuration is done, you can start selling live with one click.

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During the event

Administrator and Host can:

  • moderate the chat

  • highlight selected products

  • add and show coupons

You are close to your customers at all times, who can invite their friends to attend the event.

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Use the recordings

The end of the event is just a part of Vidvi possibilities. Recorded transmissions are fully functional and constantly generate sales. You can use recordings to create video ads or invitations to upcoming sales streams. The recordings will also be useful analysis material for you to develop your sales skills. By analyzing the statistics, you can recreate the moments associated with the biggest engagement. Thanks to this, you will know what your customers like.

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