Live shopping is a new phenomenon on the e-commerce market that is slowly entering Poland. The boundaries between the online and offline worlds are becoming increasingly blurred, and the key to success is creating a complete shopping experience for the customer. The live sales model comes with a number of possibilities that should be taken into account when planning your marketing strategy. If you want to stay ahead of the competition in the new shopping reality, live shopping is the perfect solution. Brands need to adapt to the demands of today’s audience and find a way to engage their customers and provide them with an amazing online shopping experience. We will advise you on where to start and how to find yourself in a new, virtual space

How to prepare for the presentation of products in the live shopping model? First of all, it is necessary to define what we want to offer potential customers and what values ​​our products have. It’s worth knowing the names of the products and their prices well, because viewers will ask questions, and we play the role of professionals who know their stuff. A modern client has a wide range of offers on the market, so you should try to make proposals unique. The smooth and vivid presentation of the assortment will certainly appeal to the senses and imagination of the customer. The power of the narrative in this case is invaluable. It is an indispensable foundation for a live shopping strategy as it contributes to gaining the trust of customers. The user believes that in addition to the technical parameters, there is a unique story behind a given product that you want to identify with. Success in this matter can be ensured not only by valuable products, but also by an interesting story about them. Such a sale requires a new trait in salespeople, which is ease of improvisation, as it is impossible to predict how the sales process will go and there are various unexpected variants to consider.

Live shopping has many show-related elements in its DNA

This model is intended to be entertaining, and its purpose is to build a positive brand image and customer engagement. This type of show fits perfectly into the modern canons of marketing message, which focuses on creating relationships with the brand. In order to achieve the intended results, you must first prepare yourself to take action in the area of live shopping. Customers are very attentive and demanding, therefore they expect brands to be professionally prepared and approach the subject. Trying clothes on live, creating inspiring styles or discussing leading trends is what makes online shopping more attractive and provides a lot of emotions. You can think about what questions users may ask us during such an event in order to be properly prepared for them.

Saying “two heads are better than one” in this case will work perfectly

When running a sales live, it is best to work in cooperation with other people. This will allow you to efficiently distribute individual tasks, and this will ensure order and harmony during the event. One person (host) can present the offer, and the other (admin) can answer participants’ questions in the chat. The event leader should have extensive knowledge of the functionality of the product and its detailed parameters. Photos are not able to show all the details of our assortment, and even the most creative text will not replace live coverage. Sales streaming gives online stores a wide range of opportunities to present the advantages of products.

Planning the right date for the sales relationship is a very important matter

You should take a close look at the statistics on Google Analytics and Facebook to see when the brand’s fans are most active. It is also worth verifying at what times of the day customers make purchases in the online store and when the shopping sessions last the longest. The collection of such a database will certainly be useful while planning the date of the live stream shopping event. Users can be engaged to take part in a survey in which they will answer the question of what date is the most appropriate for them. This type of action is also an opportunity to increase the reach of organic posts, as fans of the brand will surely be willing to take part in a survey dedicated to them. At the beginning, it is worth testing, analyzing and collecting feedback from users. It is worth setting fixed dates for sales relations and organizing them periodically, because customers will be able to permanently reserve a given day and time in the calendar.

An extremely important aspect of planning a sales broadcast is informing the brand’s fans in advance about this type of event

The ideal tool for promoting this type of event will be social media, which is an excellent channel for communication with customers. Thanks to them, you can build a positive image of the company, establish direct contact with fans and reach a wide audience. On Facebook, you can create a post informing about the upcoming sales stream following attraction. In turn, via Instagram, you can share a post and a report about the planned event. These types of channels have many additional opportunities that can be used to increase the interest of potential customers. Before the online event is broadcast, it is worth doing a short live on Facebook and Instagram to invite additional participants. A good strategy is to use the reach of your corporate blog and send a special invitation message via a newsletter. In the VIDVI administration panel, you can generate a link to a page with a countdown to transmission and the option of adding a reminder in the calendar.

Today’s customers’ expectations are growing high

Brands should meet the expectations of their users and offer them something unique that will make their offer stand out on the market. The live shopping format should be enriched with some interesting elements that will increase the value of the message. An effective way to convince the customer to take part in a live sales event will be a competition with prizes. To diversify the program and attract a larger audience, you can offer special discounts or free shipping. An interesting concept is to invite stylists or influencers who will present products live, analyze trends or provide advice. All this will make users even more involved in the event and will be happy to take advantage of unique opportunities. VIDVI provides functionality related to promotional coupons intended only for customers participating in the event.

Live commerce needs a setting that will evoke positive connotations in customers

The set design should be aesthetic, orderly and inspiringly arranged. The second plan is very important, so good lighting and interesting interior equipment are essential. The presented items should fit entirely in the frame, therefore the camera should be positioned in such a way that it is possible to approach it and take close-ups. When it comes to lighting, the best option is to use artificial lighting, such as an LED ring light, which projects a uniform light over a larger area. There are many different variations on the market, from the more classic ones to designer ones, emphasizing the modern character of the interior. It is best to choose neutral or cold light shades for online broadcasting.

While conducting a sales relationship, nothing can distract us so that we can fully devote ourselves to running the event

All devices should be charged beforehand so that nothing surprises us at work. You should also remember to mute notifications, because the message is to be professional and well planned. During this time, we should feel free and natural, because an authentic and credible message is what a modern customer expects.

Live sales is a tool tailored to today’s challenges in the context of providing customers with extraordinary experiences in the e-commerce space. This trend will also dominate the Polish market in the close future, so it should be included in your marketing strategy. Thanks to this, you can stay ahead of the competition and offer your customers an innovative solution that will surely translate into the sales effect of a given brand.