The digital world is changing rapidly. Nowadays, e-commerce itself is no longer a competitive advantage, and the search for new, alternative ways to reach potential customers is a must. One of the most dynamically developing methods in the context of sales development in online stores is live shopping. Both large e-commerce players and small online stores benefit from the advantages of this type of solution. Many marketing specialists agree that live sales streaming is able to revolutionize the global e-commerce market

Interactive Live Shopping was launched in China, which is distinguished by the rapid dynamics of digital change, and the e-commerce market is the one with the greatest growth potential in the world. Online sales in this part of the world is the dominant form of trade, therefore in the future more and more innovative solutions will penetrate to other countries from there. Live sales have a solid foundation for action and are characterized by an accessible format for customers, as well as a relatively low implementation cost

What exactly is live shopping and how does it use a seduction power?

We appreciate traditional online shopping for its convenience and time saving, but it does not have an important element, which is the emotions associated with an extraordinary shopping experience. According to research, we feel faster than we think, which is why it is so important in sales to act on the senses. Live shopping is a type of online event that interested people can join from any device to learn about the seller’s offer. In practice, it often happens that a given brand organizes an event to which experts, influencers or stylists are invited to present products live, discuss current trends and provide advice. This type of interaction is a factor that influences the popularity of this type of solution. During the sales live, special promotions are often available, which can only be used during the broadcast. All this makes the form of live shopping one of the hottest trends in e-commerce

At first glance, live sales resemble popular teleshopping shops that enjoyed success in the 1990s. At that time, the role of recipients was limited only to the possibility of ordering products over the phone, and the message was one-dimensional. The idea of ​​interactive shopping in real time is a step forward that gives a full spectrum of technological possibilities. First of all, each of the participants has a real influence on the shape of the program: they can ask for expert advice, comment or ask questions. Thanks to this, customers are aware that they are somehow involved in the process of creating and functioning of the brand. All this means that live shopping brings with it all the attractions of shopping in the shopping center, where you can count on the help of the store staff at any time, and at the same time gives you the convenience of online shopping. During the online transmission, you can ask to show an item from a different angle, ask questions about the color variations of a given product or buy your dream item

Live shopping is a bridge between the online and offline worlds

On the one hand, purchases can be made from any corner of the world using any device with Internet access, and on the other hand, this type of sale allows for real-time interaction between the event leaders or other participants. Shopping in this model is also a form of entertainment that we often miss in everyday life. As part of the sales live, you can organize a fashion show or a make-up course using the products offered during the event. An interesting attraction for customers is the presence of influencers who present products and share their experience, as well as answer questions from interested parties. Thanks to this type of treatment, the purchasing process turns into a kind of show, and the user feels that the distance between him and a popular person whom he admires on the Internet or on TV is shortening. Live commerce perfectly fits the needs of modern marketing messages, which focuses on building relationships with the brand

Each participant can get to know the opinions and reviews of customers who have already decided to buy a given product. These types of recommendations are very helpful because prospects do not have to rely solely on information from the presenters. As a result, the knowledge about the products is more verified, as it comes from various sources. Customers have access to authentic user reviews, and this type of information will definitely help in making a purchase. The so-called social proof, i.e. social proof of rightness. If we see that something is gaining social recognition and people close to us consider it right, then it is more difficult for us to oppose this opinion. Usually, we trust people who struggle with similar problems, are similar to us and close to our values. And the more such people, the more credible their opinion is. The so-called social proof, i.e. social proof of rightness. When a selected product is of interest to a larger group of people, we also pay attention to it and find it interesting. In the case of live shopping, the reactions of other customers are at hand, so their impact on our perception of products is indisputable

Live shopping is a response to the challenges of modern marketing strategy, where the basis is building a positive brand image and authentic customer relationship

In this way, customers participate in the process of creating and functioning of the brand. Live shopping is an excellent foundation for building customer-brand relationships and for direct interaction with customers. In the era of fleeting brand loyalty, customer engagement is a key factor for the functioning of the company. The concept of communication and customer relations has evolved considerably over the past few years. The development of new technologies and social media forces companies to seek new channels to reach potential customers. It is very important to establish permanent relationships, evoke emotions and build an engaged community around the brand. Companies have to balance the intersection of online and offline spaces, because only in this way can they build a genuine bond with the brand’s supporters. Live Shopping is a response to the challenges of the modern market, because it allows you to build and strengthen relationships with users that can turn into loyal customers over time

Nowadays, social media is the main field of interpersonal interactions. Social life is also more and more often focused there and we look for advice, inspiration and entertainment there. Social media has become a natural way of interacting with people. Brands from various industries realized that they had to redefine their marketing strategy and adapt their activities to the needs of a changing market. Live shopping is a response to the changing tastes of consumers and the ubiquitous digitization of our lives. Interactive shopping is a combination of an entertainment show with a shopping session. This proposal is like a visit to a shopping mall with friends, the only difference is that everything takes place online

The highest level of advancement is conducting live sales on the website or in the mobile application of the online store

This type of solution gives you additional options that can significantly expand your sales. Thanks to them, the customer can buy items directly while watching the broadcast, without having to go to external websites or finalize the transaction via the messenger, as is the case with sales streaming on social media. Integration with the shopping cart and product list is the synergy of product presentation in live video format with e-commerce functionalities. The fact that the event takes place on the website is of great importance in the context of full insight into statistics, the subsequent verification of which will help plan and improve further live commerce activities. This sales model has a positive impact on building the loyalty of customers who visit the online store, and the drops in reach observed in social media do not negatively affect the acquisition of audience Another advantage of live shopping within your own store is independence from external marketplace platforms, where we are, first of all, locked in one advertising system, and secondly, nowhere else is the competitive environment so close to our customers. It is also important that brands do not have to limit themselves to promotion only in one channel, because they attract traffic to their own, not external websites

The live stream model allows you to achieve above-average sales results, so it is worth considering this type of activity in the brand’s marketing strategy. In the new, pandemic reality, we lacked interpersonal relations, which were reduced to the necessary minimum, and as you know, man is a social being and needs contacts with other people. Offline shopping provides a whole range of sensory experiences, and in the era of limitations, we missed these experiences very much. These types of emotions, however, can be delivered to customers to a large extent through live commerce. The pandemic is redefining consumer attitudes, and experts predict these changes will stay with us for longer. Live Streaming can be an effective extension of the traditional e-commerce channel. The use of innovative solutions attracts the attention of customers and has a positive effect on the brand image on the web. This shopping model is currently used by both large, recognizable brands and small boutiques. The beauty and fashion industry is a leader in the use of “live” selling methods, but live shopping can also be used in other categories. The only limitation here is creativity. This is the perfect time to expand your sales activities with innovative solutions

Looking for new ways to increase sales means that companies are increasingly turning to innovative technologies. This is the best time to stay ahead of the competition and leave it far behind. Live commerce is still an undeveloped niche with enormous potential. It is primarily a way to increase profits in an online store and stand out with a modern approach to business. It is worth diversifying your marketing communication to be even closer to your customers. Live shopping is a response to the needs of the modern market, where with such high competition, customer loyalty is at a premium. It is also a way to activate existing customers and attract new brand supporters. Live commerce is a solution tailored to modern times, where the marketing message should primarily affect the creation of authentic customer-brand relationships

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